The Current Affairs Society (CAS), formerly New Turn, has brought some of Britain’s leading speakers to universities across London for debates, lectures and panel discussions for the past four years.

Our speakers have ranged from MPs such as Diane Abbott and Speaker of the House John Bercow to leading global figures such as the architect of the Millennium Development Goals Lord Malloch-Brown and the head of the International Rescue Committee Carolyn Makinson.

But we don't just deal with 'serious' issues: we also have fun debates with figures such as Alessio Rastani, who argued that Goldman Sachs and a secret committee of bankers ruled the world. And we do social events too, including nights out and pub quizzes.

Main events take place every Tuesday, with a careers event taking place once a month on the second Thursday. Membership buys you entry in to all of our events of which there is a minimum of twenty per year. Membership also often secures discounts for our members in to nightclubs and cafes across London. So your £5 a year membership goes a long way, not only giving access to events but improving your employability and saving you money across London.


Joining The Current Affairs Society costs only £5 and gives you access to every single one of our debates, lectures and panel discussions for free. Our events programme also include a monthly employability session, as we are determined to make sure our members have the skills and knowledge to thrive upon graduation.

With over twenty events per academic year that makes just £0.25 per event!

We have also worked hard to secure discounts for our members in student venues, cafés and cinemas across London.

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